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Among them are temporary files. These are the kind of files that contain data generated by applications. Such files are later accessed and used by the process application that created them.

Password Protect Any Folder on the Mac

For the most part, these files are nothing to worry about. After all, as the name states, they are temporary and are taken care of automatically. However under certain circumstances you just have to erase them manually. Usually, the process that has stored temporary data on your Mac will automatically delete it too upon exit. That may not be the case for every app, but then temp files are often taken out by the system during a restart or shutdown cycle. This brings us to the first and easiest way to clear out temporary files — restart your Mac.

Rebooting your system will prompt it to clear most of the temporary files from your drive. Still not enough free storage? Finding temporary files on Mac is not all that easy. Quit the running apps and safely remove the contents of the folders to make more room on your drive. Doing a browser cleanup every once in a while will get it to run faster, yet it may come with a few complications.

Here is what you need to know before you wipe your internet files:. It seems reasonable, but you may sometimes need to be able to view these hidden files for the following reasons:. Thus, not all hidden files may be needed.

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There are tons of files from previously-removed apps, that are unnecessary now but still take up useless disk space. Luckily, computer geeks know ways how to show hidden folders on Mac.

Mac OS X: Accessing Hidden Library Folders

The first way to show hidden files is the easiest one. It does not require any specific knowledge and can be used by both experienced users and novice Mac users. Also, this way is safe and convenient, as it allows you to show hidden files with just one click. This is possible thanks to the Funter app. Funter is software designed specifically to show and hide hidden files on Mac. It is absolutely free to download and use.

Free Download. Terminal is a default Apple application which you will find in the Launchpad. Terminal allows you to make different operations on Mac using special commands. To show hidden files on Mac using command line, follow these 2 steps:.

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This command will restart the Finder and then you will see hidden files and folders on your Mac. Applescript is another Apple technology, which can help you to create different scripts and commands. Just follow the provided steps and create a script, which will allow you to view hidden files on a Mac more quickly. Open AppleScript from LaunchPad. Each time you need to hide or unhide folders, just open this script file and click the Play button.

How to see hidden files and folders in macOS

This file is like a small application. Feel free to use them. If you need to find a specific hidden file or folder, Funter also can help you. In several seconds, Funter will show you a list of all files that match the search field both hidden and regular files. Right in this window, you can review all hidden files and manage them move or remove using the appropriate buttons.

What are Hidden Files on Mac?